Enterprise Square is a vibrant hub in downtown Edmonton that fosters research, learning and partnership. The University of Alberta strives to develop a centre that advances innovation and provides collaborative opportunities for community and economic development. Such a centre strengthens the university's ties with the downtown business, arts and cultural community while contributing to downtown revitalization.  Enterprise Square plays a key role in the university's mission of teaching and learning, of research and creativity, of community involvement and partnerships—all while protecting the historic nature of the former Bay Building.

"The modern university has a leading role to play in the daily life of its communities. The great universities of the future will have even stronger connections with their communities as they foster diversity, creativity and economic growth. Our presence downtown will help us meet our obligations. The link to the history of the city and province, too, in the shape of the historic building, is a strong symbol of the University’s contribution to the growth of Alberta."  
                - President Indira V. Samarasekera